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July 21, 2021

Why You Should Never Let Your Homeowners Insurance Lapse

Buying homeowners insurance is one of the most secure investments you can make to protect your lifestyle. Your policy will be there to help you recover from many upsetting and costly losses. However, some people often wonder if they really need to keep homeowners insurance on the property, particularly if they have a lot of money in reserve. This is not the right line of thinking.   

Consider three important reasons that you need never let your homeowners insurance drop. By going uninsured, you might face:  

Less Protection for Costly Household Problems  

The primary reason for having homeowners insurance is that it will help you out if you ever have a problem in your home. Most pay for household damage and possessions losses following hazards like house fires or burst pipes.   

Should one of these costly events occur in your home, you can make a claim on your policy for many of the damage costs. That way, you can alleviate your own cost burden for these unexpected losses. If you don’t have coverage, however, then you’ll have no help for what might prove a devastating personal loss. 

Lack of Legal Protection Against Liability Risks  

One portion of most home insurance policies is liability coverage. This is coverage for damage done to others that is your fault.  

For example, if a visitor gets hurt in your home, then they might sue you because of the harm they sustained. If you were legally responsible for their harm, then you might have to repay them. Your liability coverage might pay for their medical bills and other hardships.  

But besides paying others, liability insurance can provide the homeowner with legal assistance in case of a lawsuit. Going without it means that a homeowner might have to bear the burden of these costs alone. Just because you don’t have liability insurance does not mean someone cannot demand compensation from you. As a result, it is easier to fight these claims by having liability coverage in place. 

Ineligibility for Household Financing  

Because homeowners insurance can cover many types of damage to the home, it is an important safeguard for anyone with an investment in your home. As a result, most lenders require buyers to secure home insurance before they will issue a loan. Therefore, failing to have coverage could inhibit your ability to even buy a home.  

Most of the time, policyholders will have to keep coverage active for as long as they have home financing. If they ever refinance the property, then these requirements might change or start over.  

Homeowners insurance will help you protect your own finances from the ramifications of household accidents. If you go uninsured, you are leaving yourself open to several potential consequences. Always keep coverage in place, because you might be glad you did. 

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