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May 21, 2021

Purchasing Medications Online

Purchasing Medications Online

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The internet now allows you to fill their drug prescriptions at the click of a button. However, you should be wary of purchasing medication online, as the internet has also created a marketplace for unapproved medications and illegal prescriptions. Keep reading to learn more about the potential risks of buying medications online and tips for ensuring safe purchases. 

The Potential Risks 

Since many medication websites are not reputable, here are some cautions about untrustworthy online pharmacies: 

  • The website may not be a U.S.licensed pharmacy, or it may not be a pharmacy at all. 

  • Many diagnoses are incorrect because the person on the “other end” cannot speak with you and diagnose you in person. 

  • You could be sold medication that is not helpful to your health condition. 

  • The site may not protect your personal and financial information. 

Safe Purchasing Tips 

The following tips will help you to identify whether an online pharmacy is safe to use: 

  • Contact your state board of pharmacies to determine if the site is a state-licensed pharmacy. 

  • Look for the “Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites Seal” on the website. 

  • Make sure the website requires a prescription from your health care provider before providing the medication.  

Do Your Research 

Some medications sold online are counterfeit, of incorrect strength or expired; contain dangerous ingredients; or are unsafe to use with other medications you are taking. As such, it’s important to always verify the reputation of the medication website you are ordering from and consult your doctor if you have any additional concerns. 

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