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February 14, 2022

Farm and Crop Insurance Provide Peace of Mind

Most people make the wrongful assumption that when the harvest is over, a farmer or rancher is on vacation until the spring. If you farm your land, you know that nothing is further from the truth. This is the time to prepare for next year, including figuring out how to make things more efficient, more productive and better overall than this year — all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. 

The problem is, you can make all the best plans and something out of your control can come along and take out your crops. A hail storm, wind storm, late frost or bug infestation can cause big problems. Too much rain or too little rain are also things farmers have to constantly have on their mind. Since you cannot predict these things, there’s very little you can do to prepare except hope and pray for a good season. 

This kind of worry and concern is exactly why it’s a great idea to invest in some crop insurance. If you and your family depend on healthy crops for your livelihood, it’s a wise idea to have a backup plan. Because this is out of your control, crop insurance will cover you and provide for you if the worst happens and all that you’ve worked so hard to plant is destroyed. 

Crops aren’t the only thing farmers or ranchers need to think about, though. Buildings, equipment and livestock are all part of a working farm — and while essential to its operation, they are extremely costly. Protecting these with an insurance policy will only add to the stability and health of your farm or ranch. 

As you start making plans as to how to improve your farm business, contact your independent insurance agent to discuss farm and crop insurance. So much of farming is out of your control, and the right policy can give you peace of mind and protection for your business. 

We’ll help protect your land and business. Call Ranch and Coast Insurance SVCS at 858.756.8400 for more information on farm insurance. 

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