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December 20, 2021

Car Insurance Coverage for Hail Damage

As weather begins to change during the autumn, cold fronts can often bring severe storms. Though these storms often do not last long, they can be very intense. Depending on the conditions, one of the hazards that might arise is hail. It can range in size from small pellets to ice chunks the size of baseballs. Regardless of size or duration, hail can prove very damaging to outdoor items including vehicles. 

No one likes to have a car damaged by hail. Not only is it visually unappealing, but also it might cost a lot of money to repair. Body damage costs are often considerable, however, car insurance might help alleviate this burden.  

Hail Damage Coverage on Car Insurance 

No one really can tell when hail will occur during severe weather. Hail falls extremely fast and is very dense. Therefore, when it hits a car, it can dent the body, break windows and even in severe cases cause irrecoverable damage. 

Car insurance policies contain a type of coverage called comprehensive damage insurance. It pays for vehicle damage that arises from unexpected events that are not related to collisions. Hail usually falls within the scope of this coverage. 

However, many auto policies do not automatically include comprehensive coverage. Therefore, when you buy your policy, you’ll need to speak with your agent about this protection.  

How much will comprehensive coverage pay? 

When you make a claim for hail damage, your policy should explain how much it will pay for the repairs. Here is some more information regarding coverage: 

  • A damage deductible will likely apply.  

  • If the cost of the repairs is lower than the deductible cost, then your policy would not pay for the repairs. 

  • If hail damage totals the car, then your insurer may pay for the value of the car. Most policies pay based on a car’s cash value.  

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