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January 20, 2022

3 Common Mistakes That Affect Your Home Insurance

Having home insurance helps you get the financial assistance you need if there is a loss to your property or someone is injured on your property. All too often, many homeowners make mistakes that increase the cost of their insurance. The following are three common mistakes homeowners make that impact their homeowner’s insurance premiums. 

Adding Additions without Adjusting Your Homeowner’s Insurance 

Adding more space to your home helps increase the value of your home and it makes your home more comfortable. Whether you are adding a garage or a new bedroom, it is important to ensure that you contact your independent insurance agent to insure any structure you add to your home in order to receive complete protection for your property. 

Adopting Overprotective Pets  

Pets are a great addition to any family, especially dogs. Unfortunately, some dog breeds are considered a risk for insurance purposes, and may raise the cost of your homeowner’s insurance, including: 
• Rottweilers 
• Dobermans 
• Pit Bulls 
• German Shepherds 
• Huskies 
You can avoid higher insurance premiums by choosing a smaller dog, or one that is not considered a risk to others. However, if your four-legged family member happens to be considered a risk, try enrolling your dog in obedience school to promote a safe household. 

Neglecting to Safeguard Potentially Dangerous Recreational Items 

Swimming pools and trampolines are fun for children to have as they grow up. They can spend hours each day with their friends having fun and improving their social skills. Unfortunately, both of these recreational items present a risk to your child and their friends. While bouncing on the trampoline or swimming in your pool, children can easily get hurt, which could lead to a lawsuit from friends and neighbors. You do not have to avoid owning these items, but you should install safety features in and around your pool and trampoline to reduce the instance of injury. 

As a homeowner, you should take steps to reduce the chance of risks, which may help reduce your home insurance rates. The best way to ensure you are getting the best insurance policy for your home is to speak with an independent insurance agent to get information about the coverage available to you. 

Are you getting the most out of your coverage? Call Ranch and Coast Insurance SVCS at 858.756.8400 for more information on home insurance. 

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